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Proper Touch Typing on Colemak-DH


Alexander Eckert

January 06, 2023

Even though I am typing on a keyboard every day for my work, I am terrible at touch typing. I never put in the effort to properly type on a keyboard. Usually, I try to optimize every workflow. I like the feeling of accomplishment. Efficient processes feel better than inefficient ones, even when the end result is the same—they improve our emotional well-being and quality of life.

How I learn

I used Colemak Club to get accustomed to the layout. Then I would practice with simple sentences to simulate real words and not gibberish. I tried to prioritize accuracy over speed to not learn bad habits. Accuracy will be hard to learn later. Speed will come naturally.


In the first day, my wpm (words per minute) average was just 13. My best 10 words were at a pace of 16 wpm! Not impressive, but acceptable for the first day of practice.