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NuPhy Air60 Manual


Alexander Eckert

November 25, 2022

One of my mechanical keyboards is the NuPhy Air60. It is a wireless low-profile mechanical 60% keyboard. The Air60 also features RGB side- and backlight. The switches are hot-swappable. The keyboard also comes with a handy travel folio to keep it safe.

Quick Guide

Wireless Device Connection

  • Bluetooth 1: Fn+Q
  • Bluetooth 2: Fn+W
  • Bluetooth 3: Fn+E
  • 2.4Ghz: Fn+R

Long press 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. Short press to switch devices. Plug the 2.4Ghz reciver into your computer before pressing Fn+RFn+R.

Air60 BT5.0 = Bluetooth 5.0, Air60 BT3.0 = Bluetooth 3.0


Leftside LED

  • Green: Caps Lock
  • Yellow: Wired mode
  • Blue: Bluetooth mode
  • Light Green: 2.4Ghz mode

Rightside LED

  • Red: Power <20%
  • Orange: 20%~80%
  • Green: >80%

Backlight Settings

  • Fn+: Switch backlight effect
  • Fn+: Switch backlight color
  • Fn+ᐱᐯ: Backlight brightness + -
  • Fn+,.: Backlight speed + -

Sidelight Settings

  • Fn+?+: Switch sidelight effect
  • Fn+?+: Switch sidelight color
  • Fn+?+ᐱᐯ: Sidelight brightness + -
  • Fn+?+,.: Sidelight speed + -

Sleep Mode Settings

If there is no input on the keyboard, it will turn off the light and enter sleep mode after 6 minutes.

  • Fn+TAB+X: Sleep mode Off
  • Fn+TAB+C: Sleep mode On

Function Keys Switching


  • Fn+1/2/3...: Multimedia function keys


  • Fn+1/2/3...: F1/F2/F3...F12

Battery Indicator

  • Fn+|: Flashes the current battery level color
  • Fn+]: Battery indicator always on enabled
  • Fn+|: Battery indicator always on disabled

Factory Reset