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Vortex Race 3 Manual


Alexander Eckert

November 25, 2022

One of my mechanical keyboards is the Vortex Reace 3 with Cherry MX Clear switches. I added the Metropolis GMK keycaps. I like this board because its almost as compact as a 60% keyboard but has almost the same number of keys as a TKL board.

Quick Reference

OS Mode

  • Windows: Pn + W
  • Mac: Pn + M
  • Linux: Pn + L

Keyboard Layouts

  • QWERTY: Fn + Home
  • COLEMAK: Fn + PgUp
  • DVORAK: Fn + PgDn

Spacebar LEDs

LEDs under the left side of the spacebar indicates the layer you are on.

  • None - Default
  • Red - Layer 1
  • Green - Layer 2
  • Blue - Layer 3

LEDs under the right side of the spacebar indicates the keyboard layout

  • None - QWERTY (default)
  • Red - COLEMAK
  • Green - DVORAK
  • Blue - Windows Lock


Cycle through layers with Fn + R-Shift.

Re-Map Keys

The default layer is controlled by the firmware and is not remappable. To remap keys you need to be in Layer 1-3.

  • Press the Fn + R-Ctrl keys. (Solid white led signals mapping mode active)
  • Press the target key(s) to be re-mapped. (Flashing red led signals start of mapping)
  • Press the key(s) sequence to map to the target key
  • Press the Pn key. (Solid white led signals key(s) re-mapped)
  • Repeat for additional keys
  • To end the re-mapping, press the Fn + R-Ctrl keys

Re-Map Function Key

  • Press and hold the Fn + L-Alt keys for 3 seconds, then release
  • Press the key to act as the Fn key

Reset Mappings

Current Layer
  • Press and host the Fn + r keys for 5 seconds, then release
  • The original Fn key can also be used even if it has been re-mapped
All Layers
  • Press and hold the L-Alt + R-Alt keys for 5 seconds, then release